Seafood Rejection Insurance
The global economy has changed the face of industry and business. Today, margins are smaller, risks are more complex, and your chances for an uninsured loss are greater than ever before. Managing supply chain risks and market complexity have become crucial for everyone - importers, exporters, Manufacturers, processors, distributors and Wholesalers.

Just about every business finds itself analyzing every supply-chain function - taking it apart, inspecting it, and reassembling it - for more efficient, lower-cost operation, which, in turn, comes with new and greater risks.

Complete Marine and Business Insurance play a strategic role, with an ever-increasing need for a dynamic, seamlessly-designed, global risk protection plan that incorporates all aspects of your product delivery process. Static insurance solutions are passé and do not measure-up to the needs created by changing supply chain risks and market complexity.

Contemporary businesses, that do not have in-house insurance expertise, are “in-sourcing” it to someone, like CRC, who provides the collaborative expertise to produce highly effective, low-cost insurance services. Synchronized insurance solutions, addressing market complexity and efficiency, have become key.