Catastrophe Perils Insurance

Catastrophe Perils - Earthquake, Flood, Wind

Over the course of the past seven years, catastrophe perils have become a serious focus for underwriters. Earthquake, flood and wind losses have been at the forefront of catastrophe peril analysis by underwriters due to the large losses caused by storms like Katrina, among others. Most property policies exclude Earthquake and Flood, automatically. Coverage must be brought back by endorsement, usually with low limits and high deductibles. The peril of Wind, while generally covered in most property forms, is now put in the same category as Earthquake and Flood perils by underwriters. Earthquake, Flood, and Wind zones must be kept track of by policyholders when locating facilities in these areas due to the significant impact of limited coverage and substantial cost. Policyholders must also focus on these areas to manage risk, mitigate loss, and ensure that there are no uninsured gaps.